Where Does Your Company Rank Compared To Competitors

With so many moving parts, it’s hard for business owners to build their operation while also keeping tabs on their online presence. Since 3 out of every 4 customers are now looking at at least one social media page of a business before engaging with them, your online identity should be more than an afterthought.  At Revzi, we call this platform BrandIQ.

At the touch of a button, everything your company needs to manage is in a single and robust platform: customer interactions, reviews, sales, transactions.

This tool is pertinent for owners to stay involved with their organization when they are away since they will be receiving real time alerts and can log in to see everything going on in house.

With BrandIQ, we are able to provide a letter grade on our client’s social media sites, reviews, online listings, website, and overall sentiment across the web and help move your business upward by capturing more customers, building a great reputation, expanding your reach through social media.

BrandIQ helps you:

  • Get found by new customers actively searching for you
  • Listen and respond to what customers have to say about your business to keep them coming back
  • Identify potential problems holding you back from better results
  • Know how your business is performing in the areas that move your business upward

Three Additional Areas that Give You an Edge

  1. Your Competitive Advantage - know your reputation & clients to stay relevant and on top of trends
  2. Real Time Financials - we put your worries at ease, as you’re able to track cash flow right from your phone.
  3. Real Time Business Alerts - monitor incoming reviews, if your website is down, if online orders aren’t coming in, ect.

BrandIQ is a one stop shop to keep your business up and running while growing and thriving in the competitive business environment. If you are interested in seeing your scores, please reach out and we would be happy to tell you where you rank in terms of your competition and how you can improve.