Meet the Winner of Our Small Business Giveaway, Frinklepod Farm!

Revzi believes that small businesses are the key to a healthy economy and we've made it our mission to help them succeed and grow.

That said, last week we hosted a $500 Instagram contest to give back to the small business community that we love oh-so-much, and we chose one lucky winner… Frinklepod Farm!

They are a small, organic, and diversified farm, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on 4 acres of land and in three greenhouses, located in Maine. Revzi did a Q&A With owner Flora Brown about their exciting venture.

Where does your name come from?

“Frinklepod Farm’s name is inspired by one of my children's favorite books, Uno's Garden, by Graeme Base. The story follows Uno, a human who moves into a pristine forest; as the number of people and buildings increase, the number of fictitious plants and animals (including the Feathered Frinklepod) decrease.  We hope that our farm can mirror the main themes of this book: the importance of ecological biodiversity, conservation, and the need to maintain a healthy balance between humans and nature.”

How did Frinklepod Farm start?

“Frinklepod Farm was started 6 years ago by my husband and I (Flora and Noah). We have always been passionate about growing food. Noah has been doing so on his family's subsistence farm since a kid. Conveniently, he grew up right across the street from their current farm. In 2011, our neighbor’s 16 acres of land came up for sale and we jumped at the opportunity to turn the once-farmed, now-fallow fields into a viable, visible farm. We saw the need for local agriculture and wanted to bring something different to the community.”

What makes your business different?

“We believe in food equity — the idea that everyone deserves access to fresh produce and healthy food.  We accept SNAP payments in the farm store, offer a 50% discount on all produce purchased with SNAP, and dedicate a portion of our fields to growing crops to donate to local food pantries. We also have a ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ (CSA) program which allows community members to pay a monthly fee and they can get a crop of veggies each month or opt for a gift card to be used in our farm store. “

What are some things about your business that you’re really excited about right now?

“This year (2017) was an exciting year for Frinklepod Farm. We received a grant that allowed us to build a new state of the art facility, including a greenhouse, education space and commercial kitchen. Our growing practices are centered around building healthy soil, attracting beneficial insects for pest control and pollination, using hand tools and working as intimately as possible with each plant.  

We have exciting news happening in two weeks as we launch our own locally sourced meal kits. Frinklepod farm will supply the veggies and partner with other local farmers to put together recipes and meal kits that represent naturally grown food with seasonal and fresh flavors. Think about it as your local blue apron down the road, only with Frinklepod Farm’s meal kits you know exactly where every ingredient is coming from. “

About Frinklepod Farm: Frinklepod Farm is a small, diversified farm, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on 4 acres of land and in three greenhouses in Arundel, Maine.  They offer opportunities to become a member of our farm through "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA) programs.  In 2017 they are expanding to be open to the public year-round, offering a wider selection of produce as well as introducing other farm-made products and continuing to support other local producers.

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