July's National Holidays are a Foodie's Dream

REVZI is definitely NOT the first to tell you that social media has completely changed the world we live in. We understand that every small business needs a social presence to survive, including us. Social media has become our outlet for everything: news, media, entertainment and even telling us when it’s a #wacky national holiday & where we can get something #free (our favorite word). For example, did you know that there is a National Social Media Day? Well, now you know! It was yesterday June 30th.  Lucky for you, we love these #holidays, so here’s a list of all things fun happening in July and highlighting our favorite places in our hometown of Chicago that go hand and hand with the day.

As an overarching theme, July is National Picnic Month. It is finally Summertime in the Chi so enjoy it! Head out to your favorite park this month for a picnic.

July 1- National Chicken Wing Day -Oh, yes please! We suggest you visit our client "Dak! Chicken" for the best Korean wings in town.

July 4th- National Party (Everywhere) In The USA Day

July 7th- National Chocolate Day - We live in one of the best food cities in the world so chocolate is not hard to find. Whether you stop by Dylan's Candy Bar, the Ghirardelli Store, or Mitchell’s to get hot fudge on your sundae, you'll be sure to get your chocolate fix. 

July 8th- National Video Game Day - We have this one covered. The REVZI office has a room called the #arcade, breaks from helping our clients grow sales are filled with Mario-Kart battles.

July 16th- National Ice Cream Day - What’s your favorite flavor? At Original Rainbow Cone on south Western Avenue, the decision is easy.

Photo Credit: @gerrianbuisman

July 22nd- National Hammock Day - Grab your hammock head to your favorite park and enjoy a day full of some much needed R&R.

July 23rd- National Hot Dog Day - Everyone loves an old fashioned hot dog from Portillo's or from one of our favorite clients, America's Dog, but nothing tops a dog at Wrigley Field. Head out to the ball park for a Chicago style hot dog and a nice cold beer (hold the ketchup please).

Photo Credit: @americasdog

July 29th- National Cheesecake Day - Yes, you may get a free slice at the cheesecake factory, but REVZI supports local businesses and prefers to #shopsmall. we suggest checking out the amazing cheesecake from Maayan’s Bakery.

So, there it is. A list of days that give you a reason to indulge in all your favorite things. This summer is truly a #foodies dream.