How to Get More Reach on Your LinkedIn Articles

While it may not be the sexiest of social media networks, LinkedIn is definitely the most important one for professionals, young adults and entrepreneurs. As of now, more than 3 million companies from all around the world have official LinkedIn Company Pages. This means that working professionals, employees, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and job-seekers alike need to have an active presence on the website. Posting relevant content is important and the more views with your LinkedIn articles means that you have the ability to build more relationships and future customers or partners. So how do you get a wider reach on the content you’re posting? Read below for our top tips.

Publish Consistently

A good first step to getting your content seen more frequently is to write more frequently. You should create a plan that you can stick to, whether that is once a month or once a week. Creating more content also gives the added benefit of being able to see what your readers respond the best to. Along with creating your own content, if you interact with other users content or newsfeed posts, people will be more likely to click through to your profile and see your posts.

Share Your LinkedIn Articles with Specific People

It is important that you don’t spam your personal contacts with a message every time you publish a LinkedIn article. Think through who in your contacts would genuinely benefit from the knowledge and information you shared in your post. A tip to help is to look through who has liked or shared your content. If they are consistently liking your content, we can consider them a fan. Then, send them a personalized message with a link. Something like: “Good morning/afternoon, [First Name]! I just wrote an article about how to get more views on LinkedIn Publishing posts, and I know this is something you had mentioned you are exploring. I hope you find it useful, and would love to know your thoughts if you have a minute. Thanks!”

 Share with LinkedIn Groups

Join groups with like minded individuals within your industry. Share articles periodically to gain interest, but not enough to annoy group members. Other things to note:

  • Always read the group rules first to make sure they don’t explicitly ban sharing your own links
  • Participate in the group regularly, not only when you have something to push
  • Make sure it is genuinely helpful information, and not a promotional tactic
  • Personalize your message to make it clear why you are sharing this article with this group

When done correctly, this is a great way to be seen as a useful resource. Do it wrong, and you will more likely be thought of as a spammer.