How To Close A Deal In a Sauna

People are always telling you to get #creative. At Revzi, when we know our services make sense for a potential client, we go to great lengths to make sure they hear us out. So, we asked some of our friends if they have any stories from the trenches. For example, have you heard the one about the unemployed Irishman who put up a giant billboard asking for a job? Well, it worked. Here are stories of people who took unorthodox approaches to close a #deal. PSA: we can't guarantee that these will work & don't recommend trying this at home.

Brandt Young, Revzi

Everyone has that client that just needs a little push. But every person has a unique push that will get them. This is where you need to know your client. I closed a deal by giving a new mom #free @honestcompany diapers for a year. #diapers & #business now go hand in hand ladies and gentlemen. Hey, you never know unless you try. 

Paul Hadfield, Revzi

I met a potential client at a fundraiser. It was no place to start a sales pitch. But I overheard him telling someone that he loves the sauna at this hotel in Chicago, and every week he sits in it for 30 minutes, followed by a massage. The next day I called the hotel’s spa and pretended I was his assistant, and said “just wanted to confirm the massage time”. Once they told me the day/time, I called as myself the next day to schedule a massage at the same time. A week later, I get there an hour early, sat in the sauna… wait....wait.... and BAM. Here comes my guy, waltzing into the hot tub about 30 minutes before his scheduled massage time. I was able to pitch him for 10 minutes without any #interruptions.

Matt Renner,

One time I took a flight for a big meeting in New Hampshire. Didn't get into Boston until midnight and the only car they had left for me was an HHR - I didn't get to the resort until 4 am and had the meeting at 8.  They didn't buy.  Then I had one more meeting 2 hours away and my GPS took me on back roads.  This was the middle of the winter in the white mountains in New Hampshire.  I was afraid of getting stuck so I was driving 40mps in the snow and mud (foot deep) on a one lane road and all of a sudden all the windows in the HHR rolled down and mud and snow was flying in (getting my suit hanging in the back window covered in dirt).  I finally made it to the resort and closed them. The owner was a former boss in the mob I'm pretty sure.  He told me if I didn't show him a good ROI he would be upset.  I took that as a threat at the time.  I got on the plane and vowed never to return to New Hampshire. That was 2011.  I haven't been back since. With damage to the vehicle the whole trip ended up costing about $3,000. I sold $1000 worth of advertising and made $100 in commission. But hey- something is better than nothing. 

Steve Hall, Executive Sales Coaching Australia

I once closed a sale worth $110,000 on a 10 minute phone call using my #Australian cell phone to call a CIO in the #USA while on the loud #London Tube. I also, once, found myself climbing a mountain in Massif Central (France) to get a #signal on an old analogue cell phone to make sure a deal I'd been working on in Australia had been confirmed. The greater the lengths, the sweeter the #deal

Ryan Reisert, ZenProspect 

The greatest lengths I went to close a deal, was a #lastminute trip to close Sandals Resorts, headquarters in Nassau Bahamas. After getting to the Bahamas (nearly 18 hours with connections from San Francisco to Nassau) the VP canceled the meeting when I was in the Taxi to the office. We eventually rescheduled to meet at our Ann Arbor office 2 days later. The VP made the meeting this time and after the presentation, we #waged the deal over a game of Foose ball. We won the game and signed the deal the next week. (pretty sure the foosball wager was the #make it or #break it point of the deal.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.. #amirite. Selling your customer on the fact that you can solve their problems is the close, line and sinker to your deal. Stay creative#hustle hard and always , always remember to think #outside the box.