How This Catering Company Uses Stuffed Eggrolls to Stuff Their Pockets

This week, we sat down and spoke with Nikkita Randle , owner of Twisted Eggroll, a catering company in Chicago. In this Q&A, Nikita shares how she started using REVZI’s products and services and how it has helped improve her business.

Nikita has always had a love for food and cooking. She had a vision and made it happen when she left corporate America in January of 2015 to pursue her true passion: deep fried eggrolls with mouth-watering fillings. She was just five years old when she cooked her very first meal on her own (pancakes). She loved how she could make any flavor and top it off with anything. This soon led to her unique creation.

What is Twisted Eggroll and how did you get started?

 “My boyfriend took me on a date to Del Frisco's, my now favorite restaurant. He insisted we try the cheesesteak eggrolls. Yes, they were delicious in fact but I said to myself, ‘I can make these better on my own’, and so I did. I realized quickly, I can put anything into an egg roll, savory or sweet and that is where Twisted Egg Roll was born. I walked away from my corporate career in November 2016 and devoted all my time into my company.”

 It’s early on, but how has Revzi helped so far? Have you seen results?

“REVZI is handling all of my digital marketing and social media. They have so many great marketing and sales tools in one place. I do not have a physical storefront, I focus on catering and pop-ups. With Revzi’s marketing campaigns it has helped gain awareness and find new business”.

What is your vision for the future & how can we help?

“I want to provide people with delicious food and provide any flavor combination one’s heart may desire.  My favorite egg roll is Philly Cheesesteak and my boyfriend’s is a Cheesecake Eggroll, but the options are endless! I hope to grow the business to participate in more events such as the One of a Kind Food Festivals. We received the Red Eye Big Idea Award for food and drink in October of 2015 and would love to continue to get our name out there and be recognized for our unique movement.”

About Twisted Egg Roll: Twisted Eggroll was established in January 2015 from a place of love, passion, and hope; a love for food, a passion for cooking, and a hope to touch the lives of many! Twisted Eggroll is a catering service that approaches the thought of the traditional egg roll with an infused spin. The menu consists of assorted egg rolls such as chicken fajita, cheese steak, and pizza just to name a few. Twisted Eggroll is committed to providing exceptional customer service and food; all while leaving a smile on your face, a satisfaction in your tummy, and a love in your heart.

About REVZI: Revzi's mission is to help all small businesses stay relevant in a big business world by providing "products that drive profits". Revzi helps businesses build their brand online through revenue producing campaigns and to better manage operations with custom analytics software. REVZI helps more than 1500 small businesses grow sales.