The Future Looks Bright For The Boathouse Cafe

This week, we headed over to The Boathouse Cafe in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago and spoke with owner Erica Serrano. In this Q&A, Erica shares how she started using REVZI’s products and services and how it has helped improve her business.

Erica had a vision and made it happen when she opened The Boathouse Cafe three years ago. Since then, life hasn’t always been easy, but as she says, “it’s not work when you’re doing what you love.” They will be celebrating their 3rd Anniversary this weekend over the July 4th weekend. They will have live music, food and drink specials and more so if you’re in the Chicago area go pay them a visit!

 Why the location?

 “Just look around”, was Erica’s  answer, and she’s right! This is a hidden gem in Humboldt Park. It’s right on the water with walking trails, a huge outdoor patio, and not to mention an enormous free parking lot for guests (a luxury in Chicago).

It’s early on, but how has Revzi helped so far? Have you seen results?

“REVZI is handling all of our digital marketing and social media. They have so many great marketing and sales tools in one place. Beyond the software, everyone working at REVZI has been so helpful. Their motivation, excitement and pure encouragement gives me excitement and hope for where this partnership can go. “  

What is your vision for the future & how can we help? 

“We want to be a local spot where we have loyal and regular customers. But we also want people to come venture out and find us tucked away in the hidden gem of Humboldt Park. Summer is our busy season, but we want people to know we are open all year long. It may be too cold to walk the trails but looking outside on a frozen lake and fluffy snow - this is the closest you can get to a real life winter wonderland. Regardless if it’s warm or cold, our beautiful landscape and patio serves as a great spot to gather and enjoy live music, food tastings, delicious food and a full service bar.” 

Chicago’s Best” recently visited The Boathouse Cafe and the episode is set to air on August 6th, 2017.

About The Boathouse Cafe:

The Boathouse Cafe is Chicago's only boathouse. Set in the beautiful Humboldt Park, right on the water. It is an all-day american fare cafe offeringa low-key and cozy setting in a 1907 landmark boathouse with a terrace.

About REVZI:

Revzi's mission is to help all small businesses stay relevant in a big business world by providing "products that drive profits". Revzi helps businesses build their brand online through revenue producing campaigns and to better manage operations with custom analytics software. REVZI helps more then 1500 small businesses grow sales.