6 Things We've Learned Launching in a New Market

In September, Revzi launched it’s second office in Denver, Colorado. We asked our new team to take notes during the first 2 months about what it’s like building a business in a new market. Here are 6 things that have helped our team get up and running quickly in our mission to help small businesses in Denver grow:

  1. Help! I need somebody
    First things first! Ask for help. Listen and learn every day. Be willing to consider other approaches. Take time out of your day, every day, to build the connections that will sustain you through the hard times. Support is invaluable and you will need it.
  2. One size doesn’t fit all
    Come in with an open mind and the willingness to learn . A new office can be a fast paced, crazy environment. We operate much like a startup company - which means we’re not “stuck in old ways” and everyone's opinion is valued. Everyone on the team has been open to new ideas and proposals since day one.
  3. You become who you hang around
    In Denver, the RiNo community (where the Revzi office is located) is fast growing. Even though the neighborhood around us is constant construction, I think that it is exciting that we are growing with the community and getting to see everything come together around us. One of the main reasons we chose the RiNo location is because the neighborhood is very up-and-coming and growing fast, and that is exactly what Revzi is as well.
  4. Teamwork makes the dream work
    The Denver Team has taken the approach that the Denver office is brand new and we are all going to grow and learn together. All of Revzi’s leaders believe in the importance of a fun and positive office culture. As part of getting to know each other, we will take time as a team to get out of the office and do happy hour, lunch, etc.
  5. Positivity is key
    A positive environment is the key to happy , productive and successful employees. We constantly have music playing to keep the mood upbeat, we joke around, we take time to step away from our work and regroup, and also take time to brainstorm and problem solve as a team.
  6. Embrace Challenge
    One of the challenges of a new team and office is product familiarity and knowledge. Revzi has a great support system and managers to help train you in order to be successful. Hands on experience is the best way to learn. Take advantage of the learning modules and also do your own research on each of the products. Round table discussions (Friday afternoon team meetings) have been a group decision on the topic.

    Our Denver team has already started relationships with many local businesses, and we’re excited to continue to grow in our newest market.

About Us:

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