4 Key Steps to Get Your Business Noticed Online

A.I.D.A stands for Attention. Interest. Desire. Action! No, I’m not talking about that eye candy at yoga class. It’s a commonly known acronym used in marketing and advertising that’s proven to work consistently, and it’s the backbone and framework you should use for every post to drive results.


You need to grab your audiences #attention! This is the client’s first impression of your ad, of your company, and of your business's culture. In order for your ad to be seen and get results, it needs to target the ideal buyer at the right time. Understanding how to create the proper look-a-like list by targeting buyers that fit the demographic of your ideal client is a must. You need to produce content or present yourself in a way that will make people want to STOP. Time is everyone’s most valuable asset, so if you can get someone to use their time to listen to you, you’re halfway through the door.


Getting someone’s interest isn’t a piece of cake. It is important to set a target market and go after them. That said, brand your company & find your voice. Make every angle different and choose wording that is interesting. Would you want to listen to yourself? Would you buy into what you’re selling?


By now, you’ve gotten someone’s attention and interest, in order to make a sale you have to make them desire you and your product (looking at you, guy from yoga class). The best way to do this is to connect with their emotions and build a relationship. Good content will connect with a negative attribute (a problem they have) and then present your product/service as their solution, thus bringing them their AH HAH moment .


Be patient, take your time and don’t rush to the finish line. In this case, #slow and #steady wins the race. Selling on social media takes time. And by time, I don’t mean two weeks. Or two months. Or even two years. Nobody wants to be sold, but we all like to buy. If you have gotten their attention, sparked their interest, created a desire, the action of selling is the final piece of the puzzle and the icing on the #cake.

Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003. How does your business plan to stand out in order to stay relevant?