What We Do

The Power of Big Data Delivered to Your Business

Say Goodbye to Guesswork and Hello to Smart Growth

We help small- to medium-sized businesses turn payments into profits by providing simple yet powerful tools to better know your customers, competition and online profile.

Our company was built to give businesses more value from every transaction. To date, we have worked with more than 1,500 companies, including bars and restaurants, retail and service businesses, B2B firms, healthcare and medical facilities, and other businesses. Revzi helps these businesses capture and utilize data on more than $1.5 billion in annual sales.

Analytics Software

With our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art custom software, you manage your customer interactions at the touch of a button. You learn a lot about your customers, including why they patronize your business and how to keep them returning time after time. You can also track important information about your business’s cash flow, performance of your staff, and even which days and events bring in the most new customers.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Revzi’s fees are competitive with most payments providers, but they cover more options, including all the bells and whistles that help our clients better understand their customers, manage operations and drive sales. Our clients have made no contractual commitments and their dedicated account manager supports their growth while making sure they are getting the most from our systems. 

A Hands-on, Local Approach

Revzi is committed to providing a personal touch to every client. We live and work in the communities we serve so we consult with you in person, allowing us to better understand your business. Once we learn how your organization fits into the local economy, we can better identify how and where you need to grow.

Working with Revzi

Following is a brief summary of our process:

We visit you to learn about your primary challenges and show you how our software has helped businesses like yours solve those challenges. We’re happy to let you take a behind-the-scene look at all the information you’ll have at your fingertips to utilize at your discretion. We’ll also determine if your current POS system meets your needs, or if a more suitable system that helps your business operate more efficiently is available.

Our financial analysts will prepare a payments and POS cost analysis for your business.

Revzi formally introduces your personalized growth plan to your organization.

We cover the labor and costs associated with changing over to Revzi’s platform, resulting in no downtime or change in current functionality for your organization. Our systems work tirelessly behind the scenes to pull in dozens of data points and compile them into ready-to-implement options visible on your personal dashboard.

Our job is never done because Revzi wants to be a partner in your success. Each quarter you’ll receive a call from your account manager to make sure you’re getting the most from our systems. And, whenever you have a new employee to train, need help analyzing data or prefer assistance implementing new marketing initiatives, we’re a call, click or visit away.

Growing Our Business to Help You Grow Yours

While we are working with you, Revzi is constantly improving by keeping our eye on the market, understanding how we can help our clients, and implementing the best technology and strategies.