POS Technology

Your front-of-house and back-of-house know how to communicate — shouldn’t your tech?

Upserve POS has intuitive features and rich reports that save time on training and provide valuable insights. You’ll have access to robust menu features that allow you to easily search for menu items, edit your menu on-the-fly, automated item countdowns, and 86’ed alerts. Breathe easy with Upserve POS’s Offline Mode that continues to run and process payments even when your internet is down. Our real-time platform allows you to access restaurant sales anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to Training Mode

Revzi provides installation, support, and service packages for hundreds of active restaurants across the country and offers in-market consultation for restaurants in Chicago, Orange County and Denver.

Upserve POS Features:

  • Offline mode
  • Menu customization
  • Split, transfer, and merge checks
  • Tab management
  • Upserve POS Live (Track sales, guest count, sales items, and week-over-week trends)
  • Employee management
  • Voids and comps
  • Menu inventory countdown
  • Kitchen display system
  • Signature on screen
  • Hold and send
  • Item notes
  • Hours not worked

Upserve POS reporting:

  • Sales reports
  • Voids and comps
  • Check detail
  • Labor
  • Product mix
  • Payments