Business Intelligence

A Smart Terminal for Smarter Decisions

Business Intelligence Software

Chicago-based Revzi offers a POS system for small businesses nationwide. Our “smart POS” is a great small business intelligence software solution for our clients in a wide variety of industries: retail, food service, healthcare/medical, automotive service, salons, veterinary and more. Our system gives you an in-depth look at your business, and offers insights that help you make it even better. Track your sales from first-time customers vs. repeat buyers, know who your customers are, learn which products or services are the most profitable, and so much more with our business intelligence dashboard software!  

Our smart terminal is the hub for monitoring and managing your sales and customers. Revzi connects your customer sales — from ad to point-of-sale — with our marketing platform. This tells us where your customers originated and which of our advertising campaigns are most successful, while providing you a clear ROI for our services.

Revzi Smart Terminal

Using our terminal allows clients to capture valuable business intelligence analytics, such as customer and sales data, while easily accepting payments the way your customers choose, including EMV transactions, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, credit/debit cards, gift cards, cash and more. Our system works on WiFi, so you can take payments at any time and from any place — inside or outside your building.  Plus, we integrate with a suite of applications that automatically sync your sales to QuickBooks™, manage employee hours and scheduling, and customize your loyalty program.

Features and Benefits

The Revzi Smart Terminal features a merchant touchscreen; a card slot for mag stripe and EMV; a customer-facing display for PIN, signature, tipping and receipts; and a built-in printer. It meets the industry’s highest security standards and comes with all the hardware you need. Cash drawers, cash registers, printers and scales are available separately.

The Revzi Smart Terminal offers:

  • Interesting insights about your business:
    • Today’s and yesterday’s sales
    • The latest transaction
    • New customers in the past week or month
    • Reports of settlements, transactions and items
    • Popular items sold this week
    • Best customer this week or month
  • Metrics charts that let you navigate through time to see progress by day, week or month, or to get a complete historical overview
  • Transaction functions that let you view and take action on authorized transactions; you can void, adjust tips and make refunds
  • Customer information so you see additional information about individuals who visit your business:
    • Your most loyal customers based on transactions processed
    • Your customers based on the largest payments
    • Your most recent customers
    • For any particular customer, you can see top items purchased, number of visits, all-time sales amount, favorite time and day, date they became a customer and the details of his or her most recent transaction
  • Settlements and batch history reports
  • The ability to create a product catalog in the catalog app
  • Push notifications to alert you when reports are generated or transactions are processed