Server Intelligence

Cooking Up Useful Data

Make Every Server Your Best Server

Revzi’s software organizes each server’s stats in one place, so you can assess, train and schedule with ease. For each server, you easily see the total dollar amount of food sold as well as the amount by menu category (entrees, drinks and desserts). Compare one server’s performance against the average of all your servers and against the top 20 percent. Use this information to retrain the servers who need it most — you boost your sales, they boost their tips. Once you know everything you need to know, all your servers can be your best servers!

Don’t Let Your Staff Cost You

The Server Performance Leaderboard tracks sales per cover (or per guest check), sales by menu category, table turn time and discounts — across all servers. By pointing out strengths and weaknesses, you are able to fix problems, recognize your stars and put your best servers on the busiest shifts.

A struggling server costs your business more than you think. For example, a server with consistently below-average beverage sales can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost sales in a single week. Likewise, a server who works too slowly is not only costing you a significant amount of money due to lost sales, but is also hurting your reputation with his or her poor service.

Revzi shows you which servers need help and where they need it. We put you in control, so you can coach servers to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.