Sales Analytics

Watch the Pennies and the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves

We Track Every Penny

We know whether the guest paid with cash, credit or by washing the dishes. Revzi’s software tracks net sales, gross sales and card sales. View your sales by day or by week, and compare to last year or any other prior period, over any time range. We organize all your sales data into one simple platform so you can act with confidence.

Are You Sold Yet?

Here are a few more reasons why you should close the sale with Revzi:

One Location or One Hundred
Regardless of how many locations you operate, we gather sales reports across all locations under your brand umbrella, making comparing sales trends across locations easy.

New vs. Repeat Customers
Track how much business comes from new vs. repeat customers. See exactly what you’re bringing in from regulars and first-time guests, so you can make smarter decisions.

Are Sales Heating Up or Cooling Down?
Weather can affect sales. View the weather report along with your sales data to detect trends. Make tomorrow’s forecast part of today’s staff scheduling plan.