Mobile Metrics App

All Systems are Go

Hungry for Information On-the-Go?

What is going on at your restaurant? Want the sales figures for the night? Which servers are killing it? What dish got eighty-sixed? Revzi brings together the most valuable analytics so you know exactly what’s happening in your establishment during every shift, every time of day, and every location. Track all the action in real time, at any time, from anywhere — there’s no need to sit in the office or even open your laptop!

Satisfy Your Mobile Appetite

What’s on Revzi’s to-go menu? Everything from soup to nuts! Our mobile app is your always-on link to your restaurant. View sales, covers and more as they happen. Make the most of every dish, every diner, every decision.

Work to Control Costs

Labor is likely your biggest expense. Our mobile app allows you to keep a close eye on your labor cost as a percent of sales. Just a small difference in labor costs can have a large impact on your bottom line. See what’s happening, and take action immediately.

Is It Time to End the Gravy Train?
Voids, comps and discounts add up quickly. We put them at your fingertips so you can keep tabs on them. Once you see all the discounts, and the reasons for them, you can decide if it’s time to put a lid on discounts and comps.

Here, There and Everywhere
No matter how many locations you have, Revzi accommodates them — whether your restaurants are across town or across the country. With a single login, you access sales analytics for all your locations — from Tallahassee to Tacoma — in real time.