Menu Intelligence

Make Smarter Choices

Make Decisions in a Whole New Way

Revzi’s analytics tell you which items are selling and which are not, so you make better-informed menu decisions. Do you know which of your items bring your guests back? Our software lets you know — in real time — what items are selling well, what items are most likely to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers and what items may be responsible for customers not returning.

Our Magic Quadrant breaks your menu down into four categories:

  • One-Hit Wonders — People buy a lot but never return.
  • Greatest Hits — Popular items keep them coming back!
  • Underperformers— Dump these ASAP!
  • Hidden Gems — Promote these items.

Everything You Need to Know

Our software lets you spot the items that perform best in every category of your menu. You can also learn everything you need to know about each item so you can make the most of every dish. For example, does a menu item sell best on particular days or during certain times? Any pattern you discern from the data helps you offer the right dishes at the right time, which optimizes your sales and profits. 

Revzi saves you time. Instead of you having to read all your reviews to find out what customers are saying about specific dishes, we connect the dots between your menu and online opinions. Find out quickly which items are a smash hit, and which deserve to die. 

Are you trying to promote a particular menu item? Run a contest to see which servers can sell the most of today’s special! Our software lets you know who sold the most over any specified time period.