A Recipe for Increasing Profits

Turn Infrequent Guests into Regulars

Bringing back repeat diners is easier and more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. In fact, a National Restaurant Association (NRA) survey found that the addition or expansion of a rewards program was the most effective way to enhance customer loyalty and repeat business. * Revzi offers our clients an optional loyalty program that helps to bring your best guests back into your restaurant again and again.

Rewards Served Your Way

We collaborate with each client to cook up the right program. Using your goals for check average and visit frequency, Revzi designs a loyalty program that makes rewarding your guests easy. How does this work? Guests earn points toward rewards, such as freebies and discounts, based on visit frequency or amount spent.

To meet the needs of sophisticated marketers from larger businesses, we customize all aspects of the loyalty program, including brand, reward rules and an email marketing system. We white-label our program so your customers see your branded loyalty page, not ours.

Our loyalty program works with the same credit or debit cards your guests already use to pay, and the same flow your servers presently follow to accept payments. Guests aren’t required to bring a special rewards card with them or download an app. The rewards are automatic, so staff doesn’t need to worry about discounting the check and receiving less in tips.

Marketing Perks

Use your loyalty program information to build a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is integrated with your data reporting. Learn what motivates loyalty to your restaurant so you can make better decisions. Find out how the behavior of your loyalty guests differs from that of other guests, and take action. For example, do discounts increase visits or total spend?

* Source: http://www.restaurant.org/Downloads/PDFs/News-Research/research/RestaurantIndustryForecast2014.pdf