Discounts & Voids

Don’t Let Comps Eat into Your Profits

Stay in the Black

We track why, who and when comps and voids happen so you remain profitable. Revzi understands that restaurants operate on extremely tight margins, and that even though a few percentage points of comps may not sound like much, they are just the sort of thing that can destroy your profits. That’s why we provide data on discounts and voids every morning. Wake up to a clear summary of yesterday’s comps and voids in your Daily Digest, including why they happened and who did it.

Dine Out on Data

Do you know which items on your menu are driving the highest number of comps? Is there a problem with a certain dish? We let you know, so you optimize your menu.

Is your bartender or wait staff giving away too many free drinks by entering bogus comps? Surely there weren’t that many birthdays last night! Find out who is responsible so you can take command of your bottom line by reducing waste, fraud and abuse.