Daily Digest Logbook

Enjoy a Byte of Data with Your Morning Coffee

Wake Up to the Daily Digest

Every morning our clients receive an email that tells them everything that happened at the restaurant on the previous day. Your Daily Digest summarizes all of yesterday’s key numbers, painting a detailed picture of that day’s service for every cover, for every minute. You see immediately what went down, so you can get down to business. View trends, watch progress and solve challenges quickly — from anywhere.

Read Between the Covers

The Logbook, built into Revzi’s software, tells you the story behind the numbers. Your entire staff uses it to communicate to management — consistently, and all in one place — about what was working and what was not working that day. Best part: The comments show up in your email the next morning. It’s just like you were on site the entire time!

Make the Logbook an essential component of running a smooth operation. Customize questions and checklists to meet your needs, making it easy and fun for staff to give you the answers you want. Ask your staff how the new menu items sold last night, how the weather affected outdoor dining, how the new team member did during his first shift, and much more.