Customer Engagement

Get Your Customers Back with Automatic Emails

About Customer Engagement

Drive repeat visits with our customer engagement software that sends automated email campaigns.

Welcome new customers and thank existing customers for their business.

Send customers holiday reminders, birthday wishes and/or invitations to visit again.

Get feedback from your customers, ask them to post a review, or even suggest they make a reservation.

Just upload your email list and we’ll send your customers the right email at the right time — set it-and-forget it email marketing for small businesses.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically send emails that welcome new customers, thank customers for a recent visit, send holiday reminders, request a review, suggest they make a reservation and more
  • Increase return visits by automatically sending your customers the right message at the right time
  • Make your business more attractive to new customers by keeping your online reviews fresh and frequently updated
  • Receive weekly and monthly summary emails to see how your automated emails are performing

Email Types

  • Welcome: Sent to new customers within 24 hours of their first registration with Customer Engagement to encourage repeat visits
  • Birthday Collector: Helps you add birthdays for all your customers. Asks up to 50 customers per day if they want to share their birthday with you for special promotions and attaches the information to their profile in your Customer Directory
  • Review the Business: Encourages customers who’ve made multiple visits in the past 30 days to share their feedback on popular local business review websites
  • Birthday Wishes: Celebrates the customer’s birthday and delivers special promotions to get customers excited about your business
  • Holidays: Reminds your customers that you are open for business during holidays